Michelle Melanson, MSW, RSW

Social Worker, Psychotherapist

AEDP Therapist Level II, Member AEDP Institute, OCSWSSW, OASW

We all have natural capacities to right ourselves when things go wrong. But we usually don’t feel that way when we’re looking for therapy. Instead, we often feel stuck and alone, overwhelmed by our feelings and unsatisfied in our realtionships. I work with people who want to get unstuck and connect to their innate capacities for growth and change. My main goal is to help you have a positive and true experience of yourself and deeper connections with others.

For 25 years, I’ve been supporting people experiencing some kind of suffering. Often that suffering is related to trauma or adverse life experiences, and gets expressed as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, feeling too much or too little, PTSD etc. These are often adaptations to the original trauma that are no longer useful in current life.

I integrate various forms of psychotherapy, including psychodynamic, relational, mindfulness, cognitive, somatic & attachment oriented. My home base, however, is AEDP (aedpinstitute.org) because it optimizes the brain’s capacity
for change, growth & healing, using interventions that go beyond traditional talk therapy to create deeper & longer lasting change.