Ann LeBlanc, RP, CTP Dipl

Emotional pain can be a heavy burden to carry. We can work on lifting this burden together.

Taking the first step to start to see a therapist is an important one. A person may be suffering and have been for a long time. To hope that things can be different and take steps to change your life is brave.

My approach to this work is to respect all parts of you, those that the world readily sees and those that can remain hidden.
As we navigate this process together, I will work to provide a safe space for you to heal, learn and grow.
Each person’s story is different and I want to hear yours and understand you.

Working as a Registered Psychotherapist, my therapeutic approach is psychodynamic, which can also be called insight-oriented. Through relational conversation, we can work together to connect the present to the past. This can assist you to find links to your history which create patterns of living that may be challenging in your life now.

My training as a Psychotherapist was through The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy in Toronto, which has a rigorous, academic and experiential learning program to specifically train therapists to practice Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

In addition to 6 years as a Psychotherapist, I have worked to support people in various professional roles for 28 years. Providing assistance to youth, people with intellectual disabilities and mental health needs, and their family members. This gives me a foundation of experience and knowledge to draw from to help you.