Wayne Perry

Wayne Perry 
Psychotherapist under Supervision

Wayne is a compassionate therapist, who works with clients going through periods of change, grief, trauma or depression in life. His approach to therapy is grounded in the reality of the challenges, hurts and stresses that we periodically encounter; and Wayne works creatively with clients to explore those feelings as the foundation for new ways forward in life.

Wayne is a Gestalt therapist-in-training working under the supervision of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. He is a graduate of their Advanced Gestalt Leadership program and is currently completing his supervision requirements in a Post Graduate Program of Training and Supervision in Gestalt Therapy. Apart from 4 years of training in individual and group psychotherapy, Wayne has also studied Sensory Awareness with Lee Klinger Lesser from the San Francisco Zen Centre and he has an MBA from Ryerson University in Toronto.


tel. 416.953.3942