Steve Mundy

Steve Mundy
Registered Psychotherapist
Member CAPT 

Steve Mundy approahces his work with an unwavering faith in, and respect for, the infinite wisdom and mystery of the unconscious processes that guide our lives and protect us as children. However, Steve understands that as adults some of these processes may become cumberson and self-defeating, and he views his role in the therapeutic relationship as one of helping his clients discover and gently relax those defensive structures that have oulived their usefulness.

Steve has been studying at the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (Toronto) for six years and has been working with clients for three. His approach is psychodynamic and intersubjective; the success of the therapy will rest on the strength of the working alliance. Kindness, empathy, patience and curiousity as well as a broad and comfortable grasp of current theory are among Steve's assets.

Tel: 416.737.6620